[vtkusers] errors when I use vtkPolyData::getPointCells

LingXiao Zhao lingxiao.zhao at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 07:14:22 EST 2004

Dear all:

I am new to the VTK. In my program, I create some classes for my own
use. In one of the class member functions, I use
vtkPolyData::getPointCells to get the neighboring cells id list of
each vertex. This is a somehow large loop process. However, such a
loop meets a weird error. At a few vertices, I can not get the cells
id list correctly. The most weird thing is that only the first cell id
in the list is not correct, but the others are fine. I wander whether
this is relative to the memory allocation or something else. Does any
vtkuser have the same experience as me or know the possible reason for
this unusual error? Thank you for your hints in advance.

By the way, my class has a private member which is defined as:

vtkPolyData *SurfaceMesh

and this pointer is set by a public member function to point to a
valid surface mesh polydata. I do use BuildLinks and Update as a
preprocess to the surface.

Lingxiao Zhao

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