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Julien BARNEOUD j_barneoud at trophy.fr
Mon Dec 20 07:45:19 EST 2004

Hi All,

Is there anybody who could help me, or should I add some missing information
to my first email?


"Julien BARNEOUD" <j_barneoud at trophy.fr> a écrit dans le message de
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> Hi all,
> I am comparing quality and performance of the the different volume mapper
> (ray casting and texture ones) and I have slower result with the texture
> mapper.
> My configuration is a PIV 2.66 Mhz, with 1 GO RAM and an NVIDIA Geforce
> GT graphic board.
> The dataset I am trying to render is made of 289 * 289 * 399 grayscale
> voxels with 12 bits depht.
> I am surprized because the texture render is very slow (i.e. it is
> to interact with the volume), and the graphic board has 256 Mo of Vdieo
> so my entire dataset should be loaded and handled by the GeForce...
> I have tried to reduce the volume size using vtkExtractROI, I get
> faster, but not really usable.
> Is there any attention to pay to the volume size: a 256*256*512 volume
> be easier to fit  texture memory as it is aligned on a power of 2? Should
> shift the data to be on 8 bits ? Anything else ?
> Thanks in advance for your help,
> Regards,
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