[vtkusers] Initial size of vtkpanel

Kanghong Li kli at issi-hsv.com
Tue Dec 7 11:49:05 EST 2004

I have a JPanel inside JScrollPane then we added a vtkPanel to the JPanel (700x500). No matter how we set the initial size of the vtkPanel (vtkUtil.setsize), the vtkPanel always comes up at a fixed size and is bigger than the size of it's parent panel. When the scrollbar (either way) is scrolled, the vtkPanel goes off the parent window. And once I resize the parent window (JPanel) to accomodate the vtkPanel to get rid of the scrollbars, I can move the parent window and vtkPanel goes with it so I know it's attached to the parent. However, if I resize the parent window to be smaller, the vtkPanel does not resize the same way as it's parent, it will stop at the size that it initially comes up, which makes it again appear to be bigger than the parent, like covering the parent window.

Anyone has any clue what could cause this to happen? Thanks very much.
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