[vtkusers] Best way of handling volumes for 2D zoom and rotation

Nerolie.Oakes at csiro.au Nerolie.Oakes at csiro.au
Tue Jul 29 02:54:31 EDT 2003

I am trying to display a vtkImageData volume one slice at a time using
vtkActor2D and vtkImageMapper. I need to be able to zoom the image in
and out, and rotate the volume 90 degrees (within the program, not under
user control) so that I display YZ planes and
XZ planes, and use the mouse to pick data points taking voxel spacing into
account. It seems straight-forward, but I've tried several different
of filters unsuccessfully and I'm sure that there must be an obvious way to
do this. (I presume that if I get the settings correct, then there are lots
classes that will work if pressed).
Things I've tried so far include 
*                  vtkImageReslice or vtkImagePermute to get rotated data
*                  m_imageShrink3D and  vtkImageChangeInformation for
*                  vtkInteractorStyle:: ComputeDisplayToWorld to get data
Nothing seems to do quite what I want...
If it is relevant, I am displaying 2D images using a wxWindows GUI and am
Using my own interactorStyle to capture picking points.
So in summary: can any users experienced in displaying 2D images suggest
What classes I should be using?
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