[vtkusers] Setting an icon on the renderwindow under Win32

jean-michel.rouet at philips.com jean-michel.rouet at philips.com
Tue Jul 29 02:28:25 EDT 2003

Dear VTK users,

I searched through the VTK archive and also through google without finding 
any convincing answer. 

I'm focused here on the Win32 port of VTK, and I think this is not 
relevant for the Unix/Linux part. 
What I'm trying to do is to set an ICON into the title bar of the VTK 
rendering window. 
I managed somehow to specify an icon for the executable file using the 
following line

HICON hIcon1 = LoadIcon(NULL, "IDI_MYICON");

where my icon is a reference to my ICON resource under visual C++.

unfortunately, this does not affect the small icon that appears in the 
title bar (which remains a classical blue window application icon), nor 
does it affect the small icon in the task bar. 
Does anybody know how to modify this or simply give me some links towards 
relevant pages?


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