[vtkusers] Memory footprint and memory leaks

Greg Scott g.scott at oneteldsl.net
Wed Jul 23 18:56:22 EDT 2003


Are there any serious memory leaks I should know about when using
vtkRenderer and vtkRenderWindow? What is the typical memory footprint of
instances of these classes? I ask because for an application I am creating
and then deleting (using the ::New and ::Delete vtk methods) a renderer and
render window many times, and I don't want to suffer problems when this has
occured a certain number of times.

Similarly, what is the memory footprint of using vtkPanel in Java? I'm
asking in relation to the option of either using the same vtkPanel and
altering the actors displayed, or using multiple vtkPanels and switching
their display. Should I avoid using too many vtkPanels (in my app, no more
than 6)?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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