[vtkusers] Modifying a point without creating the cells again

michał strzelecki nexgen at poczta.onet.pl
Tue Jul 22 06:47:47 EDT 2003

-> Hello everybody,

-> I've a question about vtkPolyData:
-> Is it posible to modify one point position without updating the
-> of the cells again?. I want to modify one point keeping the topological
-> information of the polydata and I haven't seen that it could be possible
-> VTK.

-> Thanks in advance,

-> Sam

Yes it is posible.

in c++:
 vtkPolyData *p = vtkPolyData::New();

float newpoint[3] = {3, 10, -40};

// this line replace coordinations of point
// pointid is index of point you want to change
 p->GetPoints()->SetPoint(pointid, newpoint);


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