[vtkusers] morphing | warping

Christos Panagiotou cpanagio at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Sun Jul 20 17:15:07 EDT 2003

hi all

I need to morph a 3d object and then to reverse the procedure by 
morphing the sphere back to the same 3D object
does anybody know if vtk has functions that can do this or at least a 
part of this?
I am not interested for intermediate states or smoot morphing - I just 
want to transform an object from its current shape
to a sphere (or whatever) with the same number of voxels
I dont really understand what the vtkWarp* methods do so if someone can 
"enlighten" me I would really appreciate
it - could these warp methods do something like what i am trying to 

thanks for your help

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