[vtkusers] Problem in VTK with JAVA on Redhat Linux9

R K Shyamprakash ramakrishna.prakash at quest-global.com
Thu Jul 17 06:26:51 EDT 2003

          I have a VTK application written using JAVA wrapper. I have tried
to run the application on Linux(Redhat 9) but the application does not
launch and it gives following error(it runs on windows)

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:
        at vtk.vtkRenderWindow.SetForceMakeCurrent_100(Native Method)
        at vtk.vtkRenderWindow.SetForceMakeCurrent(vtkRenderWindow.java:412)
        at vtk.vtkPanel.addNotify(vtkPanel.java:104)
        at java.awt.Container.addNotify(Container.java:2045)
        at javax.swing.JComponent.addNotify(JComponent.java:4283)
        at java.awt.Container.addNotify(Container.java:2045)

What could be the problem?


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