[vtkusers] Slice Extraction

Nico Vermaas vermaas at astron.nl
Mon Jul 7 02:23:16 EDT 2003

Hi Alok,

I use SetVOI for it which gets a vtkImageData as input.

and then myVOI->GetOutput() gives you the clipped dataset.


Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2003 00:39:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: Alok Modak <alokmodak at yahoo.com>
Reply-To: alokmodak at yahoo.com 
To: vtkusers at vtk.org 
Subject: [vtkusers] Slice Extraction


I am a new VTK user.

I have a stack of images, at regular intervals,
obtained along the z-axis. The images are like a deck
of cards set on their side. 

(1) How do I extract a plane oriented along the x-axis
and along the y-axis.

(2) How do I extract a oblique plane from this data

Is this possible within the realm of VTK?

Thanking You,
With Regards,
Alok Modak


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