[vtkusers] How do I handle unevenly space CT slices?

Robert McCall robert.mccall at nomos.com
Thu Jul 3 10:00:29 EDT 2003

Much of the medical data we receive consists of CT slices that are not
evenly distributed along the perpendicular axis of the images. I can easily
read in data with slices of uniform thickness and extract isosurfaces of
interest to men using VTK. Is there any way to do this with data sets
consisting of unevenly spaced CT slices? Specifically, is there a way to use
a standard VTK reader to get this data into the pipeline, and once it is
there, would I be violating any constraints of the various Marching Cubes
algorithms I am using to extract the isosurfaces or of the vtkImageReslice

Any thoughts on how best to handle this would be gratefully received. 

Robert McCall

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