[vtkusers] Vectors from File Input Error

Berk Geveci berk.geveci at kitware.com
Tue Jul 1 14:18:21 EDT 2003

>    When running a tcl script that's supposed to draw streamlines for some 
> vectors I get the error message:
> Object named: Stream0, could not find requeted method: SelectInputVectors 
> or the method was called with incorrect arguments.
> while executing
> "Stream0 SelectInputVectors {Magfield}"
> I used Paraview to create the script. Paraview created the image fine so it 
> doesn't have any problem reading the files. Also I couldn't find the Java 
> equivalent of the SelectInputVectors command when converting the script 
> into a Java program. Does anyone know what is causing this error or what 
> the real error is?

Yup. I do. The versions of ParaView and VTK you are using do
not match. For now, replace whatever streamline filter is in
the script with either vtkPStreamTracer or vtkDistributedStreamTracer
(depending on the version of VTK you are using, try both)
and the problem should go away. You can use the same in Java
(as long as you enable the parallel option, that is)

In the next release, ParaView will not write VTK
scripts but Tcl scripts to be executed by ParaView (not VTK) to avoid
such problems. 


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