[vtkusers] vtkInteractorStyleUser in python ?

romain courteaud courteaud_romain at yahoo.fr
Tue Jul 1 08:37:55 EDT 2003


I want to build my own vtkInteractorStyle in python. As it is said in the documentation, I create
a  vtkInteractorStyleUser, but I can't use some methods like "SetUserInteractionMethod".
I use VTK-4.2.1,  python2.1 and a Debian Woody.

The error is:

ERROR: In /usr/local/src/VTK-4.2.1/Rendering/vtkInteractorStyleUser.cxx, line 587
vtkInteractorStyleUser (0x82e9c88): SetUserInteractionMethod was obsoleted for version "4.2" and
will be removed in a future version

So, how can I create my own vtkInteractorStyle in python ?


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