[vtkusers] Light bug ... (Better explained)

Sebastien Auclair sxa at fluent.com
Wed Apr 23 15:50:28 EDT 2003

Humm !

So is this a bug with VTK ?
No way to go around this ?
We are currently using VTK 4.0.

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> Hi Sebastien, 
> > As you can see in the "after.jpg" image, the red sphere 
> > doesn't seem to update the way its receiving light ! 
> Thanks for so neatly illustrating the problem. I feel this may 
> be related to a lighting problem I wrote about earlier: images 
> rendered off-screen are not getting the same user-defined lights 
> currently applied to images rendered on-screen. 
> One of the following may need adjustment: 
>  1. our updating of time-stamps, or
>  2. the logic used for updating the lights 
>     in the low-level Render operations 
> vtkRenderer::Render() makes a fairly complicated test of 
> when and what to "update".  If a call to Render() does in 
> fact trigger a call to DeviceRender(), then DeviceRender() 
> tries to get the lighting right.  I have not yet stepped 
> through a debug version to work out what needs to happen. 
> Nigel 
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