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Marc, first it looks like you have 8bit data so don't use vtkVolume16Reader. Second, if you use vtkImageReader you can read your file as a raw 3D 
volume and not have to slice it up. Also look into vtkImageImport to get 
the data directly from your buffer into vtk....john

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I have a raw data file of dimensions 205x233x251, I am trying to cut this 
file into slices to pass it to C, and the to 
vtkMarchingCubes;  When I make 251 slices each containg 
the vtkVolume16Reader can't read the data. When I double the size of the 
slice, v16 will read the data, but the output will include 4 objects 
of one.  There seems to be  something wrong with me trying to divide may 
data into slices.  Any Ideas??
Thanks in advance

This is my code for dividing my data(which is in buffer) into slices:

for(int k=0;k<251;k++)
                                 sprintf (fname, "slice.%d", k+1);
                                 fp = fopen (fname, "wb");
                                 for(int i = 0;i<47765;i++){


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