[vtkusers] wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor class

Mathieu Malaterre Mathieu.Malaterre at creatis.insa-lyon.fr
Tue Apr 15 11:18:03 EDT 2003

Hi all,
	I am pleased to release this archive. This is a complete rewrote of 
wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor but in real C++ code.

	This class is what I called a back-swig of wxVTKRenderWindow.py.  It 
has -almost- the same look & feel as the python one.

	You'll find either a CMakeList.txt for building small examples toward 
VTK 4.x and in wxVTK/oldbin/ a Makefile to build against vtk 3.2. These 
small examples have been shamelessly taken from David Marshall's archive ;)
	This has only been tested on wxGTK 2.2.9, wxGTK 2.3.1, wxGTK 2.4.0 and 
wxGTK from cvs (only Linux for now).


	The most important thing (which is currently not clear yet) is:

	To sum up the problem, since wxGTK 2.3.2 there is a problem that 
prevents wxVTKRenderWindow to work with VTK, that's why David Gobbi 
introduced WX_USE_X_CAPTURE to deal with it. As I wanted my 
wxVTKRenderWindow* to work the same way under MSW and GTK I tracked down 
what seems to me a bug. The hack describes on this URL allows to use 
wxGTK 2.4.0 just as wxGTK 2.3.2 (and earlier) without problem, but this 
is only a bad hack for now. BTW if any wxGTK guru could comment on that...

	Please take the time to test it on any plateforms and send me your 


Mathieu Malaterre
28 Avenue du Doyen LEPINE
B.P. Lyon-Montchat
69394 Lyon Cedex 03

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