[vtkusers] Mapping ROI on Render window to the corresponding Volume data after Volume rendering

cspl affable at hd2.dot.net.in
Mon Apr 14 06:39:57 EDT 2003

Hi !

After rendering the volume using a raycast function I would like to draw ROI on the rendered Volume and get the Volume data pertaining to the ROI.

I understand that the render window displays the Volume Data as  a 2D image with a 3D effect. When I draw a ROI on the RenderWindow, I am able to get that 2D image in the ROI from the renderwindow and not the corresponding Volume data.

Can anyone help us in identifying a class / function which can map the ROI drawn on the renderwindow to the corresponding Volume data. I would like to delete the part selected by the ROI / save it as a different Volume.

Thanks for help.


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