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Stephen Yeager yeager at cgd.ucar.edu
Thu Apr 10 17:14:53 EDT 2003


I run into trouble compiling VTK4.2 on AIX with xlC.  The make dies
on object file vtkAbstractMapper.o:

Building object file vtkAbstractMapper.o...
"/contrib/vtk-4.2/VTK/Common/vtkDataObject.h", line 192.3: 1540-0219 (S)
  The call to "operator<<" has no best match.
"/contrib/vtk-4.2/VTK/Common/vtkDataObject.h", line 192.3: 1540-1228 (I)
  Argument number 1 is an lvalue of type "vtkOStreamWrapper".
"/contrib/vtk-4.2/VTK/Common/vtkDataObject.h", line 192.3: 1540-1228 (I)
  Argument number 2 is an lvalue of type "int [6]".
"/contrib/vtk-4.2/VTK/Common/vtkOStreamWrapper.h", line 61.22: 1540-1202
  (I) No candidate is better than "vtkOStreamWrapper::operator<<(void *)".


This also happens when I try to compile the CVS download of VTK.  Can
anyone tell me what compiler options are needed for this make?  or better,
can anyone provide a successful CMakeCache.txt file for xlC on AIX?


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