[vtkusers] Black right border when stretching my window

Gendron, Patrick patrick.gendron at cnrc-nrc.gc.ca
Thu Apr 10 17:39:36 EDT 2003


I have a problem, I draw a vtkRenderWindow inside an existing Window with
SetWindowId(HWND), but when I maximize that window there is black space
where is supposed to be additional viewing space.
Same phenomenon happens in ParaView 0.6. Smaller is the viewing space when
the application is started and the RenderWindow displayed, bigger will be
the black space on the right and the bottom of the viewing space
Does anybody can help me?

Notes: Windows 2000, C++ Builder 5, VTK 4.0, ATI Radeo 7200

 <<before_stretching.jpg>>  <<after_stretching.jpg>> 

Patrick Gendron
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Gouvernement du Canada | Government of Canada

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