[vtkusers] How to use vtk in VC++?

xueling at pdx.edu xueling at pdx.edu
Thu Apr 10 19:36:12 EDT 2003


Thanks for your kind information.

I want to compile VTK.  I have downloaded vtk42-latestversion and installed 
it.  But my problem is I cannot find commom and graphics folder under vtk when 
I tried to add them into tool > options.  I have tried several ways that have 
been posted, but none of them works.  I don't know why.  Do I have to buy the 
book "The Visualisation ToolKit Users' Guide"?  Could you please tell me in 
detail, I mean the procedure, how to config before I can compile the code 

Appreciate your advise!

Thanks & Regards

Quoting Mdl <mdl78 at libero.it>:

> >I am a beginner of vtk.  I'd like to know the first step I need to do if I
> want
> >to build a project in VC++ 6.0
> First of all you can find the instructions somewhere in the docs; there are
> also many old posts in the mailing list that can help you.
> Anyway, assuming that you do not want to compile VTK but only to build your
> projects, the short answer is that all you need to do is get the
> pre-compiled libraries (*.lib) and tell the linker where to find them (in
> the Project properties). Of course, to get your code compiled you also need
> to tell the compiler where VTK header files (*.h) are (it depends upon where
> you installed VTK).
> Hope that's enough, otherwise check in the docs or on the website
> (www.vtk.org).
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