[vtkusers] problem of using vtkPLYReader

shuang shuang112 at 163.com
Thu Apr 10 04:59:55 EDT 2003

 Dear all:
     I'm a newcomer of VTK.I have problem of using vtkPLYReader.
     I write a program to read and view the PLY model,but there is something wrong with vtkPLYReader.when I make the project,there is a make error:
     undefined reference to 'vtkPLYReader::New()'
     I installed VTK 4 under Redhat8.0 correctly;
     I can compile the examples with VTK and run them;
     I use cmake to generate the Makefile.     

     My code with vtkPLYReader is as follow:
  #include "vtkPLYReader.h"
  int main( int argc, char *argv[] )
  vtkPLYReader *r=vtkPLYReader::New();
 If I just define the pointer and dont allocate memory,and use some other method of vtkPLYReader as SetFileName(),there is no error when I build it,but when run it,as supposed,segmentation fault.
  Can you tell me the reason and how to solve it?
 Thanks in advance!

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