[vtkusers] Line distance implicit function

Chris Scharver scharver at evl.uic.edu
Mon Apr 7 17:44:53 EDT 2003


I would like to use a distance function to clip some poly data. I 
don't need to visualize the distance function, so vtkImplicitModeller 
isn't quite what I want. However, it does seem to provide the core 
functionality of sampling distance from a line. I want to use a 
vtkImplicitFunction with vtkClipPolyData. The input is just a list of 
lines, but I don't want the sampled volume since that would not match 
with my polygon data. Do I need to create my own vtkImplicitFunction 
from scratch, or is there something already available of which I can 
take advantage?

Looking at vtkImplicitModeller.cxx, it seems like I may be able to 
use vtkCell::EvaluatePosition() to take care of the work for me. 
Would vtkPolyLine's implementation for that method correctly 
determine an input point's distance from a given line? Or I am being 
overly optimistic? :)

Chris Scharver
Electronic Visualization Laboratory
The University of Illinois at Chicago
Ph: 312-996-3002   FAX: 312-413-7585

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