[vtkusers] extent, spacing and origin propagation problem through filters

Matei MANCAS matei.mancas at tcts.fpms.ac.be
Fri Apr 4 06:30:39 EST 2003

Hi, all!

    I thought that if first I have a ImageData having some extent, spacing, etc and than if I applay a filter on it, I will keep the same extent and spacing... But it seems to be wrong!

    I have the following example :

  int a,z,e,r,t,y;
  data->VolReader->GetExtent(a,z,e,r,t,y);                                 //here I have the good Z extent (0 100) (VolReader is a vtkImageData)
  vtkImageShiftScale *my_shift = vtkImageShiftScale::New();         //a filter  
data->VolReader=my_shift->GetOutput();                                       // I have the same bad results using DeepCopy method...
data->VolReader->GetExtent(a,z,e,r,t,y);                                     //here I have a bad Z extent (0 -1)

 my_shift->GetOutput()->GetExtent(a,z,e,r,t,y);                            //here I have a bad Z extent too : (0 -1)
 my_shift->GetInput()->GetExtent(a,z,e,r,t,y);                            //here I have the good Z extent (0 100)

    This problem seems to be common to all vtkImageToImageFilter, so I would really need help on this subject : I would want to apply to a vtkImageData one or more filters before rendering it.

I really thanks you a lot for your help!!!

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