[vtkusers] Setting colors to individual cell

Jonathan Bailleul Jonathan.Bailleul at greyc.ismra.fr
Thu Apr 3 11:21:20 EST 2003

Nanditha Thakur wrote:
> Hello Users,
>                I have a 3D object. Can I set different color to
> some of the cells(or points) of this object? This is how my
> requirement is going to be. Say my actor is blue in color.I will
> pick some of the cells of the object by clicking on it. Now I want
> to set, say red color, to these picked cells. Is it possible to do
> so in VTK? Help!
> Thanks
> Nanditha

Dear Nanditha,

I am just dealing with a similar problem right now! My choice consisted
in glyphing the points of the selected cell instead, since I just didn't
figure out how to proceed otherwise.

I still have problems to solve, but it seems fairly usable. Let me know
if you need to know more about this, or if you managed to do what you

Best Regards,

Jonathan BAILLEUL, Doctorant
GREYC Image - Université de Caen 

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