[vtkusers] need VRMLImporter Actor help

anast.jm at pg.com anast.jm at pg.com
Mon Sep 30 18:08:50 EDT 2002

I'm working on importing a vrml scene and mostly figured it out except one
particular actor that is created does not have a mapper associated with it. The
object is a triangle base pyramid with each face colored red, green, blue
respectively with the base missing. In vtk the apex is red and shaded down to
blue at the base, so it seems like ScalarVisibility is on. As I try to figure
out why the coloring is off, I'm running into a dead end since there's no mapper
to follow back to the dataset (and thus to the scalars). GetMapper returns null.
I tried assigning a mapper but soon realized that the original data was not
associated with the new mapper so that didn't work. Any ideas? Most of the other
imported actors came across with mappers so I'm not sure whats different about
this one.

Also none of the text annotations display in vtk even though actors are created
for each one. I'm not as worried about these right now but perhaps someone has
crossed this bridge before. Didn't see anything in the archives recently. Any
ideas appreciated...john

Platform: vtk4 cvs 3 weeks ago, WinNT VC6 -- wrl file LS Dyna output

Attached is a small jpg with the two renders and here's the vrml code (See
attached file: corner.jpg)

   Shape {
     appearance Appearance {
     material Material {
      } # end of material
      } # end of appearance
      geometry IndexedFaceSet {
      solid FALSE
     coord Coordinate {
       point [
         0 0 0, 0.84355 0 0, 0 0.84355 0, 0 0 0.84355
      } # end of coord
     coordIndex [ 0 1 2 -1, 0 2 3 -1, 0 1 3 -1,] # end of coordIndex
     colorPerVertex FALSE
     color Color {
       color [
       1 0 0, 0 1 0, 0 0 1,] } # end of color
      } # end of geometry
    } # end of shape
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