[vtkusers] wxPYthon and VTK - help Required

Chandra Shekhar chandra at strandgenomics.com
Fri Sep 27 03:01:02 EDT 2002

Hi ,

    Thanks for the tips , they helped a lot. I tried running the two
examples provided  but ran into the following problems

    1) For wxVTKRenderWindow.py - The window with the cone was loading but
became visible only when i resized the window. Is there a way for the vtk
scnene to appear with out resizing .

    2) For wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor.py  - I am getting the following
stack trace


        Traceback (most recent call last):
          File "wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor.py", line 368, in ?
          File "wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor.py", line 342, in
        widget = wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor(frame, -1)
      File "wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor.py", line 162, in __init__
        self._Iren = vtk.vtkGenericRenderWindowInteractor()
        AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute
        12:25:00: Debug: c:\projects\wx\src\msw\app.cpp(439):
        failed with error 0x00000584 (class still has open windows.).
        12:25:00: Debug: c:\projects\wx\src\msw\app.cpp(446):
'UnregisterClass(no redraw
         canvas)' failed with error 0x00000584 (class still has open

    Could anybody explain what could be the possible error.. I have the
latest version of wxPython and a Nightly build of VTK .

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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> On Thu, 2002-09-26 at 13:38, Chandra Shekhar wrote:
> >     I am having problems using wxPython and VTK ( I am new to both of
them ) .
> Have a look at VTK/Wrapping/Python/vtk/wx/wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor.py
> This is the module you will use to integrate wxPython and VTK and, as
> per Python style, includes an example at the end.  If your VTK + Python
> + wxPython installation is healthy and working, you should be able to
> run it.
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