[vtkusers] wxPYthon and VTK - help Required

Chandra Shekhar chandra at strandgenomics.com
Thu Sep 26 07:38:47 EDT 2002

Hi , 
    I am having problems using wxPython and VTK ( I am new to both of them ) .

     Has any body used wxPython and VTK together and if so .. could they please send me a sample program of how to integrate the vtk part of it with other  wxPython widgets and also explain if i would require any new versions of VTK .. if i wan to integrate both of them. 

    Do such integrations offer speed that is obtained when we integrate Tkinter and VTK ( e.g Mayavi  ) and also dont hamper the funtioning of the other widgets ( as against -  java's vtkPanel ). 

    I am currently using a vtk Nighlty build and  Python 2.2. 

    I am trying to get the wxVtk example provided with wxPython  demos to work .. but havent been very successful. 

    Advance thanks to anyone who can help.


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