[vtkusers] Mac OSX and VTK 4.0 question

John jss at au.mensa.org
Tue Sep 24 05:05:01 EDT 2002


ok, well, i first compiled VTK3.2 ages ago and VTK4.0 with CMake
when it first came out. So the version of CMake i used initially and which 
i just used again recently to recompile VTK4.0 after upgrading my linux
from Mandrake 8.0 to 8.2 was ... version 1.0 and it was a bit crappy 
and i was a bit sceptical of it.

But ive just checked and CMake is now at 1.4.3 so it should have had
most of its little glitches ironed out. So its time for me to upgrade 
my cmake obviously.

It does look like poor MacOS X users are still having problems with 
it tho, so i hope the problems there are sorted out pronto. MacOS X 
users must find it highly annoying that a few glitches in cruddy CMake
are preventing them from compiling the wondrous VTK.

some more informative help strings for the user-configurable switches 
would also help ... hint hint to VTK developers...



On Tuesday 24 September 2002 06:00 pm, you wrote:
> CMake rocks.. if its not working for you then you need to learn it better.
> This isn't rocket science, but I don't think anyone ever claimed that
> programming with C++ and dynamic libraries/build trees/etc was easy. Learn
> CMake, and it will become your friend. If your running into compilation
> problems, its probably not CMake's fault, but the options given to it to
> compile and/or the programs its using (g++ for one). Try using the expert
> mode in ccmake, and muck around with the options there.

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