[vtkusers] Mac OSX and VTK 4.0 question

John jss at au.mensa.org
Mon Sep 23 22:43:34 EDT 2002

so we have 2 votes now for VTK to dump CMake ! 

good luck Gala!

On Tuesday 24 September 2002 07:31 am, you wrote:
> Now I'm on 4.0, with CMake and all this crud. VTK compiled fine with
> X11 and OpenGL support and tests run and display fine on my new
> dual-processor G4. However, I don't seem to be able to compile an
> application using VTK 4.0. It just barfs at me with a bunch of
> unresolved symbol errors (unresolved for every object there is) I think
> this has something to do with the absense of lib*.a files, but there
> doesn't seem to be any way that I could think of to get the static
> libraries to build. I'm not a CMake pro and am lucky that the darn
> thing worked. I liked the old way much better, at least I didn't have
> to deal with yet another nasty package.

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