[vtkusers] Unable to run wxVTKRenderWindow example

Chandra Shekhar chandra at strandgenomics.com
Mon Sep 23 08:34:51 EDT 2002

Hi , 

    I am trying to run the wxVTKRenderWindow example and am getting error messages " Procedure entry point could not find entry point ...for  InitTriangulation at vtkOrderedTriangulator .... in vtkCommon.dll . " 
    I have installed the vtk 4.0 binaries, Python 2.2  and am running  windows 2000 .

    On a tangent , has any body integrated vtk and wxPython . What is the general performance like . Are there any GUI widget sets other than Qt , that have widgets like table ( Spreadsheet )  , good Xml Api's  and also integrate very well with VTK. 

advance thanks 

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