[vtkusers] Transparant polydata

Malcolm Drummond malcolm at geovision.co.za
Thu Sep 19 12:50:13 EDT 2002

Hi Christian

You can get the desired effect using unsigned chars - the mappers pick up
this data type and assume RGBA. The attached Tcl script shows how (NB. works
for 3.2, you might have to change a few things for 4.x).


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> AFAIK this is not possible. When you pipeline your vtkPolyData through a
> vtkPolyDataMapper and finally a vtkActor, there is just one
> vtkProperties associated with the actor where you can set the opacity.
> We too have a dataset with windows in it (actually it is a building) and
> we will put walls and windows in different actors. If you find an other
> way please let me know.
> chris
> Koning, P.J.H. de (LKEB) wrote:
> > Is it possible to change the opacity of a single triangle in
> >
> > I want to create somthing like a 'window' in a polydata object and
change the opacity of that 'window'.
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