[vtkusers] Transparant polydata

Robb Brown brownr at ucalgary.ca
Thu Sep 19 11:31:03 EDT 2002

Kind of a hack, but if you create some scalar data for your poly 
(ones and zeros will do for your purpose), make the scalar data 
visible in your PolyDataMapper then colour ones transparent and zeros 
opaque, would this not create a window?

>AFAIK this is not possible. When you pipeline your vtkPolyData 
>through a vtkPolyDataMapper and finally a vtkActor, there is just 
>one vtkProperties associated with the actor where you can set the 
>We too have a dataset with windows in it (actually it is a building) 
>and we will put walls and windows in different actors. If you find 
>an other way please let me know.
>Koning, P.J.H. de (LKEB) wrote:
>>Is it possible to change the opacity of a single triangle in vtkPolyData?
>>I want to create somthing like a 'window' in a polydata object and 
>>change the opacity of that 'window'.
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