[vtkusers] precompiled binaries, Java, and Windows

Gordon Collins clavier at comcast.net
Tue Sep 17 21:35:46 EDT 2002

Hello Kevin,

> you might want to try to put the %jre
> directory%\bin as part of your environment path variable.

Thanks, that did it.  (I haven't needed that for other Java stuff - don't know what's
different about VTK, but at least this works.)

> Note:  I will also advice that you install your vtk into a diretory name
> that WITHOUT any space such as c:\vtk40 rather c:\program files\vtk40\
> Anyway, your problem is NOT related to this at all...:)

Yeah, the space is a little annoying, but quotes around the path make it usable.  If I get
to the point of rebuilding VTK like most of the people here appear to do, I'll put it
someplace else.


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