[vtkusers] Re: About VRML Exporter

Jeremy Winston winston at cat.rpi.edu
Fri Sep 13 08:01:44 EDT 2002

cogito wrote:
> hi,
>    I want to export my visualization result with VRML.
>    but I cannot get any vrml file.
>    what matter?

You should take a look at 
to see how vtkVRMLExporter is used.

I see two problems:

1. You set the file to the same location in
     vrml SetStartWrite {vrml SetFileName "c:\test.wrl"}
     vrml SetEndWrite {vrml SetFileName "c:\test.wrl"}
   I believe the idea is that at once you've finished
   writing, you should set the name to a different value
   so that the file gets closed.

2. You never invoke the
     vrml Write
   method.  I.e., nothing ever gets written because you never
   tell the Tcl interpretter to call the method. (Unless you're
   entering it manually at the vtk Interactor prompt.)


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