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cogito baocogito at yahoo.com.cn
Fri Sep 13 04:16:39 EDT 2002


   I want to export my visualization result with VRML. 

   but I cannot get any vrml file.

   what matter?

Thanks adv.


package require vtk
package require vtkinteraction
package require vtktesting

# Create the RenderWindow, Renderer and both Actors
vtkRenderer ren1
vtkRenderWindow renWin
    renWin AddRenderer ren1
vtkRenderWindowInteractor iren
    iren SetRenderWindow renWin

# create pipeline
vtkPLOT3DReader pl3d
    pl3d SetXYZFileName "$VTK_DATA_ROOT/Data/combxyz.bin"
    pl3d SetQFileName "$VTK_DATA_ROOT/Data/combq.bin"
    pl3d SetScalarFunctionNumber 100
    pl3d SetVectorFunctionNumber 202
    pl3d Update
vtkPlaneSource ps
    ps SetXResolution 4
    ps SetYResolution 4
    ps SetOrigin 2 -2 26
    ps SetPoint1 2  2 26
    ps SetPoint2 2 -2 32
vtkPolyDataMapper psMapper
    psMapper SetInput [ps GetOutput]
vtkActor psActor
    psActor SetMapper psMapper
    [psActor GetProperty] SetRepresentationToWireframe

vtkDashedStreamLine streamer
    streamer SetInput [pl3d GetOutput]
    streamer SetSource [ps GetOutput]
    streamer SetMaximumPropagationTime 100
    streamer SetIntegrationStepLength .2
    streamer SetStepLength .001
    streamer SetNumberOfThreads 1
    streamer SetIntegrationDirectionToForward
vtkPolyDataMapper streamMapper
    streamMapper SetInput [streamer GetOutput]
    eval streamMapper SetScalarRange [[pl3d GetOutput] GetScalarRange]
vtkActor streamline
    streamline SetMapper streamMapper

vtkStructuredGridOutlineFilter outline
    outline SetInput [pl3d GetOutput]
vtkPolyDataMapper outlineMapper
    outlineMapper SetInput [outline GetOutput]
vtkActor outlineActor
    outlineActor SetMapper outlineMapper

# Add the actors to the renderer, set the background and size
ren1 AddActor psActor
ren1 AddActor outlineActor
ren1 AddActor streamline

ren1 SetBackground 1 1 1
renWin SetSize 300 300
ren1 SetBackground 0.1 0.2 0.4

set cam1 [ren1 GetActiveCamera]
$cam1 SetClippingRange 3.95297 50
$cam1 SetFocalPoint 9.71821 0.458166 29.3999
$cam1 SetPosition 2.7439 -37.3196 38.7167
$cam1 SetViewUp -0.16123 0.264271 0.950876

# render the image
iren AddObserver UserEvent {wm deiconify .vtkInteract}

renWin Render

vtkVRMLExporter vrml
  vrml SetInput renWin
  vrml SetStartWrite {vrml SetFileName "c:\test.wrl"}
  vrml SetEndWrite {vrml SetFileName "c:\test.wrl"}
  vrml SetSpeed 0.5

# prevent the tk window from showing up then start the event loop
wm withdraw .


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