[vtkusers] Tensor visualization of Residual Stress

Mecit Yaman yaman at myhorizon.org
Wed Sep 11 08:54:55 EDT 2002

Dear VTK users,

I am doing my PhD on tensor visualization of depth resolved residual stress.
Is there anyone who is (or was) interested in tensor visualization. I will
be very happy to welcome any suggestions about the topic.Being a physicist,
I do also need some help with the computational part of my project.

What is the best way to draw ellipsoids at a regular spacing in a 3D volume?
I have checked an example in the VTK object oriented book, which is a
special case (Boussinesq Problem). VTK handles this with special data
structures created uniquely for this problem.

What is the best way to draw ellipsoids throughout a volume at regular
spacings? I would like to use a scalar function f(x,y,z) to scale and rotate
the ellipsoids.

Your helps are greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
M Yaman
University of Cape Town
Republic of South Africa

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