[vtkusers] The best way to represent a multi-dimensional dataset?

Maurice van de Rijzen maurice at akst.tn.tudelft.nl
Wed Sep 4 08:24:09 EDT 2002

Dear all,

I want to visualize a 5D-seismic dataset which is on a uniform sampled grid.
In order to do this I want  to create a 3D subset which I visualize 
using slices.
To import the dataset I want to use vtkImageReader2.
But vtkImageReader2 can hold 2D or 3D data.
Can someone tell me how I can import a 5D dataset.
Can someone also give me a hint on  how to use the 5D dataset to obtain 
a 3D subset( By taking for 2 dimensions a constan, user-given value).


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