[vtkusers] Thank you.

Sebastian Enrique (Da Vinci) Sebastian.Enrique at disco.com.ar
Wed Sep 4 08:14:22 EDT 2002


I was one of them.

Yan sent to me the vtkPatented.lib and I compiled the .DLL with the
'SHARED_LIBS' flag on and everything work ok then.

Maybe it would be better if the original creators post a step by step guide
for vtkPatented compiling... 

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Hi Yan.

On Wed, 4 Sep 2002, #YAN RI AN# wrote:

> Dear steffen:
> I think if it is something wrong of my vtkPatented header file what I got
from Guide CD.
> could you send all the vtkPatented header file to me?
> such as vtkMarchingcubes.h  vtkMarchingContourFilter.h

I (and I believe all others on the vtkusers list) can see that you
with getting the patented things to work. You are not the first and will
not be the last.
If you want to try a slightly different approach you can find a step by
step guide to install the nightly release of VTK here:


(look under manuals)

It is very specific and covers the case where you want to install VTK in a
windows environment with support for C++ and TCL/TK.

Regards and good luck,

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