[vtkusers] package require problems...

Keator, David dbkeator at uci.edu
Tue Sep 3 21:17:48 EDT 2002

I'm having problems when using the package require vtk command in my
scripts.  I keep getting
the error:  "package: not found".  I've followed the instructions in the
Wrapping/Tcl directory and
set up the TCLLIBPATH variable.  When I run the wish interpreter and do a
puts $auto_path I 
see the directory where VTK/Wrapping/Tcl is.  I've also re-run the
MakePackages.tcl script in
the VTK/Wrapping/Tcl directory and verified there is a pkgIndex.tcl file in
each of the vtk subdirectories
of VTK/Wrapping/Tcl......
Any other ideas from anyone?
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