[vtkusers] Again and again - Problems with VTK-QT

Denis Shamonin dshamoni at science.uva.nl
Wed Oct 30 11:16:27 EST 2002

Steffen Oeltze wrote:

> Hi Oli,
> I have no ideas how to solve these problems but you might want to
> try another vtk-Qt-package, which is provided by Carsten Kuebler:
> http://wwwipr.ira.uka.de/~kuebler/vtkqt/index.html
> I'm using VTK4.0 and Qt2.3 under windows together with this
> package and it works fine. It is very easy to handle and probably
> the very latest package bringing VTK and Qt together.

You right, works fine.
But for example VTK4.1.1 have 3DWidgets which is very usefully.
And It not possible to use them in this kind package.
That why I did some extensions to make it possible.
And again, a lot of peoples trying to make possible use Qt for creating 
GUI for VTK programs.
And there are a lot of solutions in this area.

For example VTK have directory VTK/src/Examples/GUI with MFC examples 
for Windows and other.
But there are no support for VTK-Qt developers for example. Ofcource you 
can do it yourself, but maybe It is time to stop it.
Maybe It time for VTK officialy support Qt. We need It really, creating 
VTK-GUI application with best library for GUI's - Qt.

-Denis Shamonin.
Section Computational Science
University of Amsterdam
Kruislaan 403, 1098 SJ Amsterdam
the Netherlands

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