[vtkusers] rasterizing a planar manifold

Malcolm Drummond malcolm at geovision.co.za
Wed Oct 30 06:02:34 EST 2002


I have a set of polygons that tile a plane. Each polygon has a discreet integer value (ie a cell value). I need to rasterize the plane such that each raster cell contains the dominant discrete value by area, no interpolation. Also, for any cell in the raster I need to be able to find what percentage of it's area is occupied by any particular value. Is there a VTK filter that can do this? If so is it in 3.2 or must I upgrade (about time anyway).

If it doesn't exist I'm prepared to write one and donate the code - can anyone advise on strategy. Perhaps this sort of 2D work is not appropriate to VTK.

Thanks for any advice

Malcolm Drummond
GeoVision cc
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