[vtkusers] Problem with vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor

Charl P. Botha c.p.botha at its.tudelft.nl
Fri Oct 25 11:22:28 EDT 2002

On Fri, 2002-10-25 at 16:56, Joshua A Foster wrote:
> XRequest.143: BadAccess (attempt to access private resource denied) 0x2800003

I've never seen this...  what would help immensely is if you could
produce a short(ish) snippet of code with which you can reproduce this
error.  If I can reproduce it at my end, I actually have a chance of
fixing it.

BTW, which versions of everything are you using?  Software, platform,

> The view starts with one actor, then actors are added from other parts of a 
> program via a callback.  Is there a restriction on adding actors while 
> interacting with the window?

This shouldn't be a problem.

> Another problem that I have frequently is not all actors being drawn.  I can 
> print out the visible actor count and it is correct, but only a few of the 
> actors are shown on the screen.  I can replace the 
> vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor with a regular vtkRenderWindowInteractor and the 
> actors are shown correctly.  Do you have any ideas on what I could do to 
> correct this?

There used to be a problem like this with some of the older NVidia
drivers, but that affected all renderwindows.  Once again, I need to
able to reproduce this as I haven't seen it yet.

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