[vtkusers] Questions on wrapping a C++ library for use in VTK Scripting (eg. TCL)

Markus Neff markus at noodle.med.yale.edu
Thu Oct 24 14:43:25 EDT 2002

Hi Ken,

thanks a lot for your response !!!

 > > 2. Is there support for automatically wrapping "std::string" or
 > >    "std::vector" arguments in C++ class-methods ?
 > Not with the VTK wrappers. There is a new wrapper called cable
 > http://public.kitware.com/Cable/HTML/Index.html that I believe can
 > handle this and most other C++ features.

I had a look at the web page and it looks like this would be the
way to go in some time (when support for Python and Java becomes
As I have to do the job now, I think I will have to write my
own C++ wrapper and use the VTK wrapper generator to generate
the required TCL/Python/Java wrappers ...

 > >    If there is no such thing (I guess there is nothing like that
 > >    by now) what would be the best way to provide sophisticated error
 > >    handling facilities to the script writers ?

Do you have any suggestions on this issue ?

 > That is just a goober (technical term) and the VTK wrappers could be
 > fairly easily modified to handle this if necessary.

I have never used flex or bison or whatever is used for the wrapper.
If there is no reason why "volatile" should be rejected by the
parser, it might be a good thing to have it accepted by the
wrapper generator.

Thanks again for your help !!!


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