[vtkusers] updating SG scalars

Jeff Lee jeff at cdnorthamerica.com
Thu Oct 24 14:22:50 EDT 2002

Randy Heiland wrote:

>I've visited this problem in the past, but I just like to relive these
>I have a vtkStructuredGrid containing a grid and just one scalar field.  I want
>to read in/display filters for the SG, then read in a vtkFieldData file and
>update the scalar field (and filters).  I currently try this for the update:
>dor = vtkDataObjectReader()
>print 'doing GetArray(0)'
>scalars = vtkFloatArray()
>scalars = dor.GetOutput().GetFieldData().GetArray(0)
>However, it doesn't change seem to change the scalar field.  Is this more or
>less the proper approach, or should I do it differently?
I do something like



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