[vtkusers] vtkThreshold with vertex points

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu at aero.iitm.ernet.in
Fri Oct 18 17:23:48 EDT 2002

>>>>> "DMPD" == D M P Davies <D.M.P.Davies> writes:

    DMPD> Sorry but I need help - I've been trying to set up a set of
    DMPD> vertex points with scalar values representing each vertex. I
    DMPD> then generate an unstructured grid and push through a
    DMPD> vtkThreshold .

    DMPD> I am unable to get the threshold to work either by using as
    DMPD> point data (results in no output) or as cell data (where no
    DMPD> vertexes are removed).

Seems to work under CVS VTK 4.x.  I had to slightly modify your code
and here is the output:

 Output no of cells-PRE RENDER COMMAND  vtkTemp3  - 3
 Output no of cells-UNSTRUCT GRID PRE RENDER COMMAND  unstruc    - 5

Yet another reason to upgrade. :)


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