[vtkusers] VTK, PowerPlant and CodeWarrior, now possible!

James Dessart james at rogue-research.com
Fri Oct 18 10:26:45 EDT 2002

I've managed to get a small demo going, using VTK within a 
PowerPlant view.  The performance isn't what I'd like, but it was a 
proof of concept.  If anyone is interested in my changes, mail me 
off-list, and I can walk you through the process.  Note, because of 
the quick nature of the "port" I did, freetype isn't included in 
the build, and neither are the PNG classes.

Some minor code changes were required to get it to compile, and 
finally run.  They're fairly straightforward.  My project takes 
under a half hour to compile and link, so in some sense, it has a 
leg up over the CMake solution, which, on the same machine, takes 
at least an hour.


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