[vtkusers] minor bug in vtKDataReader ...

Malcolm Drummond malcolm at geovision.co.za
Thu Oct 17 09:24:58 EDT 2002

... or maybe just a nuisance. I'm using VTK32, so not sure about 4.x. Sorry if it's been fixed already - couldn't find anything in the archives.

If you characterize a file, ie use GetNumberOfScalars and GetScalarsNameInFile, the stored filenames have been converted to lowercase (because CheckFor converts the whole line to lowercase). However ReadScalarData is comparing against the original name in the file (not necessarily lowercase), hence the possible problem.

I found this because when I loaded scalar names into a list box I noticed all the caps were gone and attempts to load the selected scalars failed.

Malcolm Drummond
GeoVision cc

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