[vtkusers] Problem with surface reconstruction and contour filter in C++.

Andrew J. P. Maclean a.maclean at acfr.usyd.edu.au
Wed Oct 16 19:22:32 EDT 2002

I think what you said is pointing in the right direction. I have a
vtkDoubleArray where I read the intensity of each point into. If there
are no intensities, the values are set to 0. I then do a set points in
the vtkPolydata structure to this array.
The array is called (surprisingly!) "Intensity".
Could this array be interfering with the contouring?


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> However it still doesn't fix my problem, in that the contour filter is
> not returning any data.

Oh. Sorry, I only looked at the compile error. My first guess would be

  // Description:
  // If you want to contour by an arbitrary array, then set its name
  // By default this in NULL and the filter will use the active scalar
  void SelectInputScalars(const char *fieldName)

Try setting the scalar name to something appropriate and see if that
Could be somehow you're getting a different scalar name in your data
(and the contour filter isn't using it).


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