[vtkusers] DividingCubes or MarchingCubes?

dahuang dahuang at skltr2.mech.pku.edu.cn
Fri Oct 11 06:48:27 EDT 2002


	I am comparing various algorithms to reconstruct my MRI slices.I have used the vtkMarchingCubes algorithm and it worked well, only that the speed is a bit slow.Now I am trying the vtkDividingCubes algorithm, but either it consumes too much memory, or I can not get the 3d image in the render window.

	I think it is maybe caused by the inappropriate parameters I chose.I need your suggestions.  
    My data:
		Pixel Spacing: 0.666016,0.666016;Slice Thickness: 2.500000;
	My Parameter(showing no image)
   Default Parameter(Value = 0.0;Distance = 0.1;Increment = 1;)
			->Memory collapse

        dahuang at skltr2.mech.pku.edu.cn

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