[vtkusers] setViewport lost

Pan, Tony C (Research) tpan at crd.ge.com
Wed Oct 9 12:19:14 EDT 2002

A little more information:
Viewport is an instance variable of vtkViewport, and the methods SetViewport and GetViewport are
generated via macros, so if you do a grep for SetViewport in the .h file, you won't find it.  You
will find, instead, vtkSetVector4Macro(Viewport,float) and vtkGetVectorMacro(Viewport,float,4).  Most
of vtk's instance variables have accessor functions that are generated using macros.


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We just started development using vtk. Today we wanted to use two renderers
in the same window. After reading some doc we found that we should use setViewport()
in the renderer to share the rendering window. But when we tried that, the
compiler gave an error "no match function to call ..." It's not in any vtk
header we have. And even in the man pages though is documented, it is not
in the interface stored by doxygen (vtkViewport.h) in the same page.

We have debian woody installed with 3.2-10 vtk. Doing a :

grep -i setViewport *

in the headers dir doesn't find anything but a meaningless SetViewport in
another class.

Could anybody help us with this? Was that method removed for any reason?

Thanks in advance.


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